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About Us

Roopali Beauty Care is a single place to fullfill your beauty needs. Roopali Beauty Care was founded in 2012 Stockholm, Sweden by Roopali.

We offer all skin, hair services & treatments - Facials, Full body waxing, Body spa, Eyebrow threading, Hair cutting & coloring etc. for women. We use India's leading professinoal herbal products, Indian beauty care treatments include products made out of natural things.These natural herbal products will not only make your look beautiful externally but also internally, will make your skin look more young and fresh. These really works & have no side effects. These products are very helpful to enhance your beauty with natural way.

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Beauty Therapist - Hair Expert - Salon Owner

Roopali is having a 10 years of experience in making people beautiful. Before opening a salon in Sweden she had an experience in USA also.

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